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    A revolutionary book on the future of recruitment and a best-selling business start-up guide

    The Interim Revolution

    By Pat Lynes

    With past and present practices of recruitment causing frustration and fundamentally failing to deliver, those working both client-side and agency-side in the recruitment space are calling for something new, saying it’s time to change the way businesses recruit, as the war on talent rages on. The Interim Revolution presents a new model of sourcing top talent, a fresh framework for future-proofing organisations amid the perpetual disruption and constant change of the modern business landscape.


    One of the most vital ways to manage change effectively and flourish rather than languish during such uncertain times, is to focus on matching the right people for the right challenges at the right time. The Interim Revolution shows you how.


    In The Interim Revolution, specialist technology contract recruiter, Pat Lynes, presents a model that taps into the rapidly growing networked and flexible gig-economy to harness the power of talented team curation and provide wisdom on demand. In doing so it presents the opportunity to close the capability and speed gaps once and for all.


    November 2017

    Self-Made: The Definitive Guide To Business Start-Up Success

    By Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole

    This authoritative, focused guide by two of the UK's brightest young entrepreneurs - The Apprentice runner-up, Bianca Miller and serial entrepreneur, Byron Cole - is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to make a success of running their own business. Featuring interviews with well-known entrepreneurs, entertainers and industry experts, the book covers every tier of the business development process, from start-up to exit, offering practical, implementable and global advice on the start-up process.


    Decoding the jargon that is prevalent in business circles today, this book provides straightforward advice on converting an innovative business concept into a commercially viable proposition. It will help you to avoid the costly common mistakes of many who have gone before you, and create a sustainable enterprise that will flourish.


    Read Self Made and run your own business without fear of failure.


    John Murray Learning - October 2017

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    Books written, co-written or ghostwritten by Cheryl Rickman


    By Annabel Karmel

    For over two decades, No.1 Parenting author Annabel Karmel has been a beacon of support and inspiration for millions of mums. After building her business empire from scratch at her kitchen table, Annabel has grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted, influential female entrepreneurs with 38 books, supermarket food ranges, weaning equipment, healthy snacks and smartphone apps.


    Now, Annabel is using her wealth of experience in juggling the constant demands of motherhood with building a thriving enterprise to help equip other mums with the confidence, skills and tools to set up their own business.


    Vermillion - March 2015


    "Annabel is an inspiring entrepreneur in her own right and this is a hugely intelligently written book, incorporating some fantastic, practical advice to empower mums who want to start up in business and become their own boss." (James Caan)


    "For any mum thinking about starting a business, Annabel’s book is a refreshing read which will help spark passion, focus and action."(Chrissie Rucker, MBE, Founder of The White Company)

    Family Business: A Survival Guide

    By K McCarthy

    Family Business: A Survival Guide is a worthwhile read for anyone involved in their own family business.. It provides a range of clear tips which were easy to follow and which would add a benefit to any company if implemented. I was particularly taken with the suggestion to implement a Family Charter – essentially a document where the family business sets down in black and white how family members are going to interact with the business in a whole range of ways.


    Published October 2014

    The Flourish Handbook

    By Cheryl Rickman

    The Flourish Handbook is a compelling and easy-to-digest practical guide - a friendly handbook on how to flourish. Drawing on extensive research and her own methods of coping with adversity and tragedy, achieving dreams, and enjoying life, Cheryl Rickman gives you a workbook about much more than merely achieving happiness.


    Flourishing is about more than simply feeling good; it's about pursuing and experiencing a better life; it's about building and optimising well-being. Once you know which elements make up well-being and focus on those areas, rather than focusing merely on happiness alone, you can live a rich, enjoyable and meaningful life with a high level of sustained well-being. This handbook guides you through that process and takes you on an illuminating and rewarding journey where you will boost your well-being month by month over the course of one year.


    Learn how to: * Become more resilient. * Fit more engaging and enjoyable activities into your daily life. * Find your true purpose and play to your strengths. * Improve your relationships. * Achieve balance between life and work. * Develop and sustain gratitude. * Respond positively to others and events. * Declutter and enhance your environment and mind power. * Enjoy life more.


    Published August 2013

    The Digital Business Start-Up Workbook

    By Cheryl Rickman (Foreword by Martha Lane-Fox)

    This is a hands-on guide to starting a digital business, from initial idea to exit, from the author of one of the all-time bestselling guides to start-ups. Using a thorough and comprehensive workbook format that is action-focused and easy-to-understand, this book guides readers through the entrepreneurial journey from concept to validation to commercialization to exit. It uses practical exercises to walk the reader through each step of the start-up process and includes advice from some of the UK's most successful and well-known digital entrepreneurs.


    Published by Wiley/Capstone – April 2012

    From Vision to Exit: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building and Selling a Business

    By Guy Rigby (Foreword by Luke Johnson)

    There are many differences between a good business and a great business, but they aren't beyond a business leader's control. In From Vision to Exit, Guy Rigby candidly explains how entrepreneurs can develop strategies, plans and tactics to get their businesses to the top. With an easy and engaging style, this book is a definitive and practical guide that covers every business area.


    From strategy to finance, management to marketing, and business planning to exit, Guy leaves no stone unturned. The result is an authoritative and invaluable tool for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the minefield of successful growth. Find out everything you wanted to know about how to build a great business but never had the opportunity to ask.


    Published September 2011

    Born Global

    By Neil Gandhi

    The first comprehensive guide for SMEs on how to become a successful global business from day one.


    Based on 10 case studies of successful born global companies, it offers advice and highlights how UK companies are accelerating growth globally.


    Published October 2009

    1000 CEOs

    By Andrew Davison


    From moguls to maverick CEOs, learn their secrets, share their success


    From safe hands to young turks, risk takers to innovators - get the instant profiles of 1,000 of the world's best CEOs. Definitive biographies deliver all the essential information on each CEO's career, their highs, lows, management style, vision and distilled wisdom, providing vital lessons that will give YOU the competitive advantage.


    Pick up tips from the icons of business, from Bill Gates to Lou Gernster. Draw on the experiences of big partnerships and family dynasties and find out how the likes of Steve Jobs make innovation essential. Plus, discover things you can do NOW - from motivation to how to handle a crisis.


    Incisive, insightful and inspiring, this is your chance to meet and learn from the CEO's leading the business world.


    Published by Dorling Kindersley August 2009


    By Peter Jones

    BBC Dragon's Den star Peter Jones demonstrates how anyone can become successful - you just need guts, determination and ideas.


    In Tycoon, Peter offers his personal insight into the qualities and skills he believes every successful entrepreneur possesses. His Ten Golden Rules provide key building blocks for turning your ideas into successful businesses.


    He shows how to road test your ideas, create momentum behind a project, inject investors with enthusiasm for your ideas, and how to have the courage to risk failing in order to see your vision become a money-spinning reality.


    A hugely inspiring book - it's the ultimate guide to thinking like a millionaire and becoming one.


    Published by Hodder & Stoughton, April 2008

    The Small Business Start-Up Workbook

    By Cheryl Rickman (Foreword by Dame Anita Roddick)

    In this practical and comprehensive workbook, Cheryl Rickman, offers a modern approach to self-employment and business start-up, with a Foreword written by Dame Anita Roddick.

    Packed with real-life case studies and practical exercises; checklists and worksheets, this book provides a step-by-step guide to researching and formulating your business idea; planning the right marketing strategies; sourcing opportunities, markets and finance; and managing a team that will drive your vision forward with you.


    You’ll discover what well-known entrepreneurs would have done differently with hindsight, what their biggest mistakes have been and what they’ve learnt, as Dame Anita Roddick, Julie Meyer, Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Simon Woodroffe (among others) reveal their best and worst decisions and contribute their wisdom and tips for succeeding in business.

    This fresh approach to small business start-up also includes information and recommendations on making your business ethical and socially responsible, along with exercises to help build self-confidence and visualise success. All this fits snugly alongside the more traditional business start-up topics such as cash-flow management, competitor intelligence, and how to create a website that works.


    Published by How To Books, May 2005


    "I would urge every business adviser in the land to read this incredibly useful, well-written and informative book." The Daily Telegraph